Oddbods games

Oddbods is a generally excellent arrangement for children, which tells about the adventures of seven oddbods in the world of Oddsville. The cartoon was nominated for Emmy, has in its stock honors for the best 3D animation and the best Internet cartoon.

In this game, we will meet the equivalent legends and will go around their hometown in the style of Subway Surfers. We bounce, do handles, we get some distance from obstructions. Consistently the speed will increment, and the quantity of impediments will increment. This implies the game will discover a spot for both fledgling players and children, just as expert sprinters. This game can be downloaded from the official Google Play Store and App store.


Oddbods Turbo Run game download

Collect as many coins as possible, and when your dash meter is full, activate it to turn into a car and then nothing can stop you. Also jump over the abyss, put money in the bank running on the...

Oddbods Turbo Run game download Android/iPhone/iPad

Oddbods: Turbo Run - a runner based on the cartoon “Oddbods” with funny characters who can transform into cars. You laughed at their amazing antics in the animated series and now it's time to join them in an endless adventure...